Courier Software Version 8

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Courier Software version 8 to manage your courier business online on cloud

Looking for a online courier software to manage your all courier business needs from pricing to tracking, customer to billing. Everything you will have with our latest courier software version 8.

courier management software

Attractive Features

Our cloud based online courier management software comes up with tons of advance features. From shipment booking to delivery, Pricing to Stock there are many things which needs to be discovered.

Shipment Tracking

Comes up with advance shipment tracking option including travel history, locaiton, user etc.

Barcode & Qrcode Support

Atuo generate shipment Barcode & QR code which provide system as well as mobile scan support

Email & SMS Alerts

Update your customer on each shipment update status by sending them email or SMS using the APIs of your choice

cloud based courier tracking software
Fully automated

System auto genrate shipment records on each activity from shipment booking to shipment tracking

Live shipment booking

Provide the option to your customer to book shipment on the go using cloud based technology


Give shipment delivery report to your cusotmer including e Proof Of Delivery & delivery captrued image

System domo of Courier Software Version 8

Live Demo

Our demos are to help prospects’ connect with this feeling of ownership or to see their extended vision of their own needs.

Try this demo of front website

This is the demo of front website for customer. Where they can look into your services and other importent things. You can manage the content from the admin side.

Access url Email/Username Password [email protected] password

* Please select below fields in demo for easy navigation

From Postal code: 302017 (Jaipur)| To Postal code: 10001 (Delhi) - Mode: Domestic

courier management software
courier management software

Try this demo of Admin Panel, HUB & Staff

This is the demo of courier software backend panel. Where they can look into your services and other importent things. You can manage the content from the admin side as well as from HUB & Staff.

Access url Email/Username Password
Super Admin
admin password
(Sidharth Nagar Hub (Jaipur) - 302017)
(Vishali Nagar Hub (Delhi) - 10001)
(for both accounts)
Agent Login
[email protected] password


Courier Software Version 8


Fully advance send parcel module

Send parcel module has both Domestic and International mode to check pricing and send parcel. Along with that it has dynamic Product Type i.e. Parcel, Document, Pallet etc. Which can be added and managed from the admin section. Admin can create unlimited product types as per the business requirements.

Mode Supported: Domestic & International

Dynaic Product types i.e. Document, Parcel, Pallet, Container, etc.

Volumatic Weight can be managed from the admin panel

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Booking options with all Packages

Based on user input i.e. Origin location, Delivery location, Shipment mode, Type, Shipment dimenshions system list all avaiable Packages and Services.

Customer can see Packages information including Delivery time, Pickup & Delivery time, total pricing etc right on the listing page.

Customer can choose any package and proceed with the bookings.

Sender & Receiver Data

On the next page customer need to fill out all the require details about Sender data and Reciver data like (Name, address, email, mobile etc.) and submit the order to next page.

Along with the data customer can also review the Shipent information on the same page like Pickup and Delivery location, Shipment number with weight and dimenshions etc.

The total charges for the shipment including all taxes etc.

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live courier software

Shipment booking with multiple payment options

System comes up with multiple payment options for customers

Pay at Picup: Customer can pay at shipment pickup

Wallet: System has inbuild customer Wallet. User can pay right from the wallet balance. Also customer can top up/recharge the wallet from his my account section

Credit Limit: Admin can also setup a customer Credit Limit and customer can book the shipment upto the limit. Admin can manage the limits from the admin panel

Online Payment gateways: System comes up with third party payment gateways like Paypal, Stripe, M-Pesa etc.

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Featured Tracking Panel

Tracking box has enabled right on the home page for user easy navigation and easy tracking.

Online courier management software

Advance Tracking Page with ePOD

Fully dynamic shipment AWB number tracking page where cusotmer can track the shipment in a quick and easy way.

System auto genrate tracking information on each activity and show the shipment progress including the travel history.

Visitor can see tracking status along with last location and time/date

On the delivery driver can take the ePOD (signature) and capture a delivery image, which will be shown right on the tracking page to confirm the delivery.

Set International Countires

Enable the country option from the admin system and the option to your customers to book international system with just one click option.

courier management software
courier management software

Managed Services CMS

Dispaly the services you offer to your customers right on the home page.

Manage the services right from the admin panel dynaicly. Add or update as much as services you want.

Update services with picture and informaiton to easy customer navigation.

Setup your Partner Companies

Dispaly your partner Companies right on the home page to display your company network.

Can add or update as many Partners as your want right from the admin panel.

courier management software